Emily Pittman Newberry was born in the mid-west during World War II and grew up in upstate New York during the post war boom and subsequent questioning of consumer culture and the spiritual and political upheavals. Emily participated in the mass movements of the 1960’s. She went into the factories as a machinist to participate in political revolution and came out 30 years later as a mediator and facilitator. Ms. Newberry has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Dickinson College, and a graduate certificate in conflict resolution from John F. Kennedy University. She is a graduate of Authentic Happiness Coaching.

After a long spiritual journey of inner truth seeking she came into acceptance of herself as a transgender woman. Emily is a performance poet, facilitator and transgender activist serving on panels and working for health care and housing equity. She is fascinated by the way we dance with vulnerability as our lives intersect, and by how the rich diversity of life and the many paths we take somehow seem to lead us all home.

Her first book, Butterfly A Rose, A Journey Through Transition, was published in fall 2010, and her second, a chapbook in collaboration with artist Adelaide Beeman-White in 2012. This chapbook was made into a journal used in art therapy for senior citizens, and Emily created a second journal, Story Catcher, in collaboration with photographer Ellen Reardon, to be used in those workshops. The artist book Water featuring her poetry and the work of Portland artist Shu-Ju Wang came out May 2014 and is exhibited in libraries and museums around the country.   Her poetry and short stories have appeared in Ascent Magazine online, VoiceCatcher, Kind of A Hurricane Press, Chaos Poetry Review, Crosswinds Poetry, Persimmon Tree, Unscooped Bagel and Synesthesia Journals and one poem received an honorable mention in the 2013 Walt Whitman 150 contest. In 2014 her poem Signs was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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