Poetry As Performance

My reading of my prose poem Playing Squiggly, 1953, is up on the web in a live reading at The Other Story.

Originally published in issue 1.2 of The Tishman Review, I was invited to read it aloud with music added by The Other Story. An interview conducted by Ilana Masad follows the reading. I hope you will listen, and support The Other Story.


Please join local poets Emily Newberry, Judith Arcana and Judith Barrington for a dynamic reading from their work.

Another Read Through

3925 N. Mississippi Ave.

7-8 pm

Thursday, Feb. 25th

Judith Barrington is the author of four poetry collections, two poetry chapbooks, a prizewinning memoir, and a text on writing literary memoir.

Judith Arcana is a writer of poems, stories, essays and books, as well as a scholar and longtime teacher.

Emily Newberry is the author of a book of poetry, and has collaborated with artists on one artist’s book and two chapbooks.


Here is my performance of my prose poem The Night Guard at Common Grounds Coffee House.

What a pleasure to participate in Beat Poetry Festival PDX Edition. In the video below my reading runs from minutes 32-43.

First half of the Beat Poetry Festival PDX Edition.M

And the second half of the Festival is here:

Second half of the Beat Poetry Festival PDX Edition.


The Poetry Loft is an incredible resource for poets, writers and storytellers to be heard by a wider audience.. Please follow this link to hear and see me read my work.

I recently participated in a juried show performing a piece titled The First Steps. The show benefitted the Multnomah Arts Center Association which upgrades the building the Center inhabits. We were asked to perform a true story about our own lives on the theme of Travel.



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