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SAGE PhotoVoice Project

I participated in a PhotoVoice project for SAGE Greater Portland this year. You can learn about what PhotoVoice is all about here. For SAGE our theme was LGBT elder housing, and these photographs and my prose poems about them were my contribution.

SAGE PhotoVoiceMy life on display. From babies bookended by Dad and the Other Mother I laugh and grieve at the same time. Turtle and tiara are my fast and slow; bowl that sings my joy and sorrow; grown sons smiling on their Yommie mommy in purple hatted joy. The yellow rose that transformation climbs, and fanning grace to beauty that shines from within, circled by girl friends and told in our story of deepest sharing. Just ask, I’ll tell it all.

SAGE PhotoVoice 2

Shelved while I watch over, smiling for now. It’s so neat and tidy, yet without my safe home base it could be smashed with one stroke of fear. How long can I hang out with the space to build this shrine to courage? Where will the ravages of time take me? I prefer not to dwell on those questions, for life today is gorgeous.

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Mary Wysong-Haeri on Letter To Me
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