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Letter To Me

There is an initiative for International Women’s Day that offer’s women the opportunity to send a message back to their younger selves. It is meant to be a way to encourage young women today and help them thrive. You can see my GIF here . On my Facebook posting I said:

“I know it’s hard, little Emily, losing your Mom at 2 1/2, the fear of people learning about your parents’ divorce, and the realization that living as a transgender girl would be very dangerous. It is okay to take care of yourself right now. Go ahead and hide. You need to survive for the time being. But you have something important to do in this world as well. Just remember 3 things from your older self:
1) Ask for help, find a mentor. Be honest about what you need and if they can’t provide it, thank them and move on.
2) Be passionate about what you are doing, but don’t be in a hurry. The world will change at its own pace. Figure out what you need to do next and take charge of it with all your energy and passion. Don’t push to make things happen if it’s not the right time, you will only hurt yourself..
3) You know you are here for a purpose and that purpose has to do with love. Let that knowingness be your guide, and don’t worry what others think about it. That inner guidance will help keep you centered in doing the right thing first and foremost.

Relax into this moment. You will affect more people than you can ever imagine, but don’t try to convince others to change. Be the invitation yourself and trust in that deeper wisdom you know.”

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One thought on “Letter To Me

  1. Hi Emily,

    It was wonderful to meet you at the P&W workshop on Saturday. Unfortunately, I lost your card on my desk somewhere, but I really would like to meet with you to talk about help with performing my work. Loved your videos!


    Posted by Mary Wysong-Haeri | October 19, 2015, 10:46 pm

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Mary Wysong-Haeri on Letter To Me


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Mary Wysong-Haeri on Letter To Me
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